Patented Vertical Growth Module (VGM™) Photobioreactor:

  • Vertical Growth:  high-density, large-scale production on a small footprint.
  • Modular Design: allows isolation of individual tubes, prevents cross contamination and allows quick decontamination and re-inoculation.  Scalable to meet production targets.
  • Low cost: AlgEternal is able to manufacture its VGMs at much lower costs than typical PBRs.
  • Contaminant Control: Virtually eliminates lethal culture crashes and greatly reduces sub-lethal effects of contamination by competing algae, bacteria, viruses, algae grazers, heavy metals deposited by dust particles, resulting in lower costs and time required for extraction and purification—client gets only the algae they want, nothing else.
  • Closed-loop Control:  enables growth of the highest quality, pure algae cultures and eliminates any significant evaporation.
  • Maximize Natural Sunlight:  Higher photosynthetic efficiencies.  AlgEternal’s proprietary shading and sunlight delivery techniques (Solatube™) enhance productivity and minimizes UV degradation to prolong technology life.
  • Better control of growth parameters: VGM™ technology allows greater control of temperature, light, pH, nutrient delivery, CO2 delivery—all of which determine optimal growth of algae biomass.
  • Adjustable and Customizable: The adjustable design utilizing quality components from GF Piping Systems enables minimal labor in respect to assembly, maintenance and repair/replacement.
  • Optimal GMO Environment: mitigates risk of environmental release: Genetically modified algae can be safely grown in the VGM™.
  • Water Efficiency: almost zero evaporative loss, extremely water efficient; recycles >90% of the water used during production.
  • Low energy inputs: Gravity does the work for harvesting.  No pumping necessary to mix and aerate the culture.  Net energy yield from biomass.
  • Increased number of algal species cultivated: PBRs allow cultivation of a greater variety of algal species than open ponds thereby increasing the number of bioactive and high-value products that can be targeted.
  • Low maintenance/continuous production: proprietary cleaning mechanisms ensure easy cleaning to maintain maximum efficiency of PBRs.  Individual columns can be cleaned without disrupting production of entire reactor array.
  • Daily harvesting: continuous production of biomass with harvesting of 20% of total volume per day allows daily harvesting with no interruption in production.


AlgEternal Technology

AlgEternal is to the algae industry as Henry Ford is to the automotive industry. Our company has created the “vehicle” to get companies down the road to their final destination – or end product. We’ve designed a system that delivers maximum biomass output while minimizing land use and other operating costs.

VGM™ System

AlgEternal has designed the patented Vertical Growth Module or VGM™ technology. Our technology is a closed-loop, vertical photobioreactor system that can be scaled to a variety of sizes depending on your specific algae needs. We work together with our industry partner, GF Piping Systems, to design and produce your system.

​Environmental Optimization

​AlgEternal grows photoautotrophically and utilizes energy from natural sunlight to enhance productivity. We are focused on specific light wave delivery and have designed a proprietary shading material to protect the pipes and culture within the VGM System from UV damage and to ensure that each tube receives the optimal amount of sunlight. The material allows for the vertical and tight placement of the VGM tubes and is critical to the prodigious growth rate of algae within the system. The shade material is inexpensive, effective and extends the overall life of the technology.