AlgEternal’s Mission:

"AlgEternal Technologies LLC will systematically apply microalgae as the sustainable integrated solution to the major existing and emerging issues facing our species, faster, more efficiently, and with greater environmental, social, and economic benefits."

AlgEternal’s Vision:

"AlgEternal Technologies, LLC will reduce human dependence on fossil hydrocarbons and create sustainable economic activity resulting in a healthier planet and improved quality of life for all, by harnessing the power of the Planet’s Primary Producers—ALGAE."

Services We Provide

AlgEternal also offers the following services:

  • Site Selection
  • Site Planning
  • Site Preparation
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Client Searches
  • Algal Strain Selection
  • Verification of Strain
  • High-value Products
  • Algal Strain Purification Verification
  • Contract growing of microalgae at any scale
  • And More

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About AlgEternal

Who We Are

​AlgEternal Technologies, LLC is a “green” company – literally. We have developed an innovative and efficient vertical, algaculture technology for commercial production of fresh, high-quality green algae. We are green in every sense of the word, from the rich color of the dense algae cultures we can grow, to the production of a renewable byproduct feedstock, to the overall sustainability of the system.

​Our modular technology systems and design recommendations have evolved from many years of experience with plant growth, including advanced shading and lighting techniques. Our patent-pending VGM™technology has been developed based on proven agricultural practices, coupled with sound science and broad industry expertise.

We start with the fundamentals to create scalable production environments in which conditions for growth are controlled to produce optimal algae yields. After an initial evaluation, AlgEternal will determine the system that will provide you with your required biomass output. Utilizing innovative components and system design capabilities from GF Piping Systems, we can create and install your optimized algae growing environment and can provide training and continued consultation for the growth process.

We understand that each algae project is unique. 

​AlgEternal can meet the needs of those interested in initial-stage algae research or those looking for commercial scale production facilities. Our company helps to eliminate much of the uncertainty involved in production so that algae can be a viable option for a variety of products. Our system can be used to start an innovative new algae project, or be used to complement research currently being conducted to demonstrate genetically modified algae strains or apply laboratory science at full scale. We are answering the world’s challenge to achieve scaled, sustained algae growth – and are doing so economically, efficiently and exponentially.

AlgEternal can provide a technology to create the infrastructure for production of algae feedstock for the biofuel industry. We can also meet the specific needs of other industries including nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, Omega-3’s, fortified foods, supplements, biofertilizers and bioplastic. Additionally, AlgEternal’s VGM™ technology can aid and accent open pond algae facilities in need of a consistent and reliable source of algae inoculant or act as a security blanket in the case of open pond culture crash.